Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the state of the state......

it seems, from a Nor Cal perspective, that the southern half of our state is on fire. I realize that isn't the actual case but it is an ever present thought on everyone's mind. today I e-mailed constantly with a friend who was under constant wait for *the call*. the reverse 911 call (which I didn't even know they could do) telling them to move out. her kids were home from school and her car was packed to go. they just waited.

this got me thinking. yes, I know we are not in a huge fire hazard spot. and yes I know that we didn't buy a house in a flood plane like many have. but hazards happen. you just never know! so tonight at dinner we had a few heavy conversations. after discussing the car that followed a girl to school this morning and reviewing what the boys should do in that situation we talked about disaster preparedness. the big question: if we had 1 car and 1 hour to pack up and go, what would we take? we talked about what was replaceable and what wasn't. R pointed out that we were taking a lot of *mom* things. he thinks the photos are for me. I didn't correct him. but I have had a friend lose her childhood home and all her family's photos. I watched her sister cry when I gave her my copy of our sorority photo.....the only one we were both in because we were a few years apart in college. those photos are for D and him!!

anyway......we talked about what we would take. what we should remember to take. and what we are going to do to be prepared in case we do need to go. in an hour. in just one car.

what about you? consider what is happening in So Cal as a fire lit under you. talk with your loved ones and do a little planning. pray you never need it, but be prepared in case you do!!


Becca L. said...

You know, that is a really good point. You really don't think about it until it is literally in your back yard! Was your crop-o-dile on that list? ;)

Oh, and you've been tagged!

Bec said...

Scary stuff, Susan!
Maybe I need to buy a bigger car.