Friday, October 5, 2007

this dog is NOT senile!!!

at T's most recent vet appointment, the doctor talked to J about canine senility and that we should keep a casual eye on T for it as she is one darn old pup!! we have already given her a chair to help her get into bed with us but she continues to refuse to use it to get down from the bed! lol!!

anyway......T has this habit of joining me in the bathroom. she does it with no one else, but if I am in the bathroom she has to be in there with me. most of the time the bathroom door doesn't close and click so she is able to push it open with her nose.....and does! lol!!

I am completely used to this but recently started thinking about WHY she does it......and I realized that it goes back to when I was pregnant with R. I used to work 45 minutes away from home so by the time I got home I had to pee so bad that I would run into the bathroom. there wasn't time to say hello to T so she would follow me in there and hop on my lap. this way she got her attention and I got to pee!!

yeah......that was almost 12 years ago. she still remembers. sometimes she still wants to jump on my lap but most of the time she just comes out of habit! lol! I guess we will know she is senile when she stops following me in there, huh?!?!?

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JoE said...

I have one "toilet hopper" too...and another senile dog as well. Poor thing...she just turned 14 and is an arthritic mess, but that doesn't stop her.

(oh, and I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack...)