Wednesday, October 3, 2007

and isn't it ironic?

over the weekend R discovered a series of books called Choose Your Own Adventure books. his excitement was funny because a few years ago I had found one of these books in my boxes from childhood. he hadn't been interested in them at all. I had debated giving the book away but had kept it because I had enjoyed it so much.

last night I told R that I had still had it and he asked me to find it, which I did. incidentally, it is the first one published. (The Cave of Time.....with the same cover you can see on the Wikipedia link above) the other two that R has are in the #50s! lol!!

R was all excited about the book and took it with him to school this morning. in the car he opened it up to find an inscription: "to Trevor on his birthday 1979. I hope you live to the end of this book." that last line was paraphrased as R has the book with him. it was a reference to the fact that there is the possibility of perishing during the course of the adventure.

Trevor turned 11 in 1979. that is how old R is right now. today Trevor would have turned 39. always a hard day for me, after hearing the note in the book this morning I quietly cried while driving the boys to school. Happy Birthday Trevor..... you are missed!


scrapper al said...

Hugs Susan!

JoE said...

Hugs to you.

Yeah, I had those books too. Mine were about the Justice League, Batman, and Supergirl. Yeah, those were the days.