Monday, July 30, 2007

a childhood memory kinda meal.....

Friday night we took the boys to a concert. Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance were the 2 main bands.....even though it was a day long event. anyway, the venue lets you bring in "picnic type food in 1 gallon sealed plastic bag per person." HA! my guess is they bust oodles of people using the wrong sized bag or having too many per person or whatever. oh no! not us!! we had four 1 gallon bags.....with a whole heck of a lot of stuff crammed in them! the boys didn't even ASK to buy a snack we were so well stocked! lol! of the bags had (among other things) 4 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. theoretically those were going to be the basis of our dinner. they were in the fridge during the day and when we went to the concert I had them packed in the backpack next to the frozen water bottles to keep them cool. there was no way I was going to try and take lunchmeat or tuna or something but I figured pb&j could handle the warm temps for a couple hours. needless to say, neither J nor I ate our sandwiches. probably because we were fending the boys off from eating all the other snacks! lol!! (well...and I had brought myself a somewhat nutritious yet enjoyable mini veggie and dip snack)

the next day for breakfast (at 10am) I grab my sandwich and had it along with some chocolate milk. for some reason the boys thought this was weird for their mom to be eating. I told them I spent many a days as a child eating just that for lunch and that it was a great treat to eat it once in awhile now. that night we went to a diner for dinner and enjoyed listening to oldies on the jukebox while we ate. one of the songs, Flying Saucer, was one I had heard frequently as a child since we had the record. I told the boys it was quite a nostalgic day. they still didn't get it.

yeah.....I guess no real point. just enjoying the simple pleasure of a pb&j and chocolate milk.

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JoE said...

I SO want to be one of your boys. That had to be the coolest thing ever-taking them to see Linkin Park and MCR. WOW!

...and yeah. Every once and a while a PB & J as a late night snack makes me nostalgic too. I might just go make one and watch Hellboy.