Friday, July 27, 2007

tell me's Friday the 27th!!

I seem to be having a time space continuim problem. and honestly, since I don't actually pay attention when J watches Star Trek, I am not really sure what that is and if it is really what I am having a problem with.

all week I have caught myself thinking it is a different date. I have written the wrong date on every check I wrote this week. kept trying to give myself a few more days this week. maybe I am thinking that those days I spent at Hogwarts no time elapsed in the Muggle world?!?!?

either IS Friday. it IS the 27th. and the month of July is almost over! YIKES!!! I guess not having a big family vacation this summer messed things up mentally for me. when do I start taunting the boys that school is about to start again? I think R is starting to get a little nervous about the whole new school thing. so much up in the air right now! makes me almost anxious to get it all going so we can figure things out and have things settle down.

so I guess this post isn't really about anything specifically.......just blabbering on.

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Moriah said...

Tell me about it! This month is went by way too fast