Thursday, August 2, 2007

a stomach sleeper again.....

I have had a few things that I thought were blog worthy......but haven't obviously posted them. guess I have been tied up too much in working on THE SAME LAYOUT FOR 3 DAYS!!! uuuugh!! well, finally it is done and I can get back to things I am actually supposed to be doing! lol!

needless to say....that isn't what this post is about!

when I was a kid I was a stomach sleeper. I LOVED sleeping on my stomach!! I don't think I could fall asleep if I wasn't lying on my stomach. when I got pregnant, between the doctor saying to sleep on my side and my *friends*, I started becoming a right side sleeper. the doctor said left is better, but both myself and the baby liked the right side! now that baby is 11 years old and I am finding I am reverting back to being a stomach sleeper. now the chiropractor says a back sleeper is better......but I am not comfortable that way. I like my stomach. I have falled asleep the past 4 or 5 nights on my stomach. so now it seems I am coming full circle.

on an aside note.....yesterday I was talking blogs with a new friend. we were talking about scrap celebs using their blogs as self-promotion, scrappers using their blogs to post layouts, and then peeps like me who really should put more pictures on their blogs! lol!! I determined that this blog isn't for scrapping.....I just happen to be a scrapper who blogs. make sense?!?!? having said that, I am going to try and post more pictures and layouts. just to keep things confusing! lol!! (I was also thinking of doing the whole "put ads on your blog to get yourself money." not to get the money but to see what kind of ads they think would work with my blog postings! lol!!)


Sharon said...

I just can't understand how someone with boobs can be a stomach sleeper. I don't have any I they hurt when I lay on my stomach.

Dianne said...

I'm a stomach sleeper too...but like Sharon's hard with boobs.
As for your blog....I love the way you write...more pictures and layouts would be fun...but your writing is bright, funny and informed...I love it!