Friday, July 6, 2007

something to keep me warm at night.....

not like I actually NEED to be kept warm at night thanks to the 100+ temps around here! heck, it was 90 when we went to bed last night!!!

anyway.....over the weekend I was doing moving things around in my scraproom....formerly the computer & craft room! lol!! we took a bookcase out of the room and moved it into the living room and then I rearranged things in my room. definately more user friendly now and with more storage for scrap stuff! course, still by the end of it all I was at that point of just putting things places to be done with it all! lol! I will have to go back and work on that some more.

so.....dh came in to check it out and said that he thought we should think about moving D down to that room and let me have his room for my scraproom since it is bigger! so nice that he is willing to displace one of our children to give me more room to work! but doesn't he realize that like the goldfish, my stash will just grow to whatever amount of space he gives me?!??! and really.....there is no way I want to carry all my stuff up and down the stairs whenever I go away for a crop or whatever. would mean that there would be enough room to set the boys up with a corner of their own for crafts. currently they have placed a card table OVER their Heroscape game so they can scrap! lol!!

but while I won't be moving, it gives me that nice marshmallow-y feeling to know that my dh values my scrapping to want more space for me!


wendy said...

that is so sweet of him!!

and ITA about the growth of the stash. I finally realized that when I get to that point - the answer is not get a bigger room... LOL.

Hey. I wanna see pix of your room.

Jennie said...

how fun! extra room for your crafting stuff! every girls dream! hee hee!

JoE said...

Yeah, I am trying to maintain the size of my stash too...not working so well, as the piles now have piles. I don't even know what I own anymore. sigh.

Kerri said...

ROFL! That is so true! I've already filled up my new shelves and have been thinking, "Now, what ELSE can I add?" LOL!

What a sweet hubs!

I wanna see pictures of your room, too!