Tuesday, July 17, 2007

they don't owe you anything!!!

(insert that ol' disclaimer here....and then read on)

if someone is famous, scrapping or otherwise, why do people think they owe the public something? if they are getting divorced, adopting, getting foreclosed on, whatever. it is their PRIVATE life. it has nothing to do with their talent. would you not buy their magazine, movie, products if you knew they were divorced getting foreclosed on or whatever?!?!? would it make them less of a talented actor, scrapper, or designer?!?!?

this is another horrible by-product of the internet. we think just because they can write and post things online that we can read that we have become friends. we haven't!!! if I don't know you, just because you read my blog doesn't mean that I now owe you an explanation.....for anything!! if I read someone else's blog and they say something that makes me think, "wow! we have a lot in common" this does not make us friends. this does not mean that they owe me further information.

like all those horrible pictures of famous people coming out of bathrooms, or eating, or through the bushes while they pick their kids up from school. I never realized how bad it was for some of these people until I saw a photo that included the fringes of the paparazzi. how horrible that you can't do ANYTHING without cameras following you!!! and from this people get the sense that they KNOW who you are!! no wonder they are crashing cars and going into rehab. I think I might too!

another example......monthly I participate in that 12of12 thing. Chad Darnell started it. I got hooked into doing it by a friend (not someone whose blog I read........someone I know and call friend and can call on the phone and who will answer the phone "hi Susan."). I have been doing this for 9 or 10 months and never has he posted a comment on my 12of12 entry. should he have?!?! afterall, each month I take my pictures, post them, link them......all just like he said to do. is he my pal? are we going to meet for muffins and discuss whatever?!?! NO!!!!! he doesn't owe me ANYTHING!!!! I don't owe HIM anything! I can quit posting.....I can quit reading his blog........there is no obligation on either side. (and I am not really yelling......just trying to add emphasis)

so the next time you read a blog or entertainment magazine or whatever and think "wow! I didn't know that" think about whether or not it is really any of our business! lol!!

and, btw, I am NOT getting divorced, adopting another child, or in foreclosure! heavens.....don't need any rumors started!


JoE said...

I totally agree with you. The bad thing is that people like to talk smack. Some pretend to be nice, but most just do for the perks. There is a certain convention going on now that is probably full of more BS than actual product, which is why I will always be a fan, and NOT a fanboy. I have a life, and relishing in someone else's pain does not make me happy. I love your posts, and can honestly say that I have never assumed any friendship between us...of course, if I was in the area and talk of starbucks and muffins came up, I would be hard pressed to decline.

Anonymous said...

BUT if we started the rumor about you, than there would be less attention to direct in someone else's direction, and you do appear up to defending yourself!

I often read your blog, never post, but needed to say today, give them hell, I'm right there with ya friend! :-P