Thursday, July 5, 2007

land that I love....

this week's theme over at LM. my turn to write the article and I talked about patriotism, both of country and of ethnic background.

I really love the different feel of all the layouts done this week: land that I love

in other news....we survived the 4th. went and saw fireworks on the 3rd so that we could let the boys sleep in afterwards. the show we saw was AMAZING and LONG.......and CROWDED!!! but, we will go back next year!!

then yesterday we spent a good portion of the day at the waterpark. OMG it has been SOOO hot around here!! I was smart this time and took a hat so my part didn't get burnt. but I spent most of the day floating around in the lazy river. it was just too hot not to! but it wasn't as crowded as I truly expected it to be. we have figured out that about 5 hours is our limit there. even the boys are ready to head home after that.

today is all business. back to work and school. blech! the phone dude supposedly comes this afternoon to hook us up with wireless. now I will be able to cruise the internet from a tub filled with ice cubes! lol!!!

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JoE said...

5 hours in the sun is enough. I manage to survive 9 while at work, and I believe that I have now conditioned by body such that air conditioning now makes me cold.