Monday, July 23, 2007

back in detox.....

so........this weekend threw me back into my fully caffeinated state. between trying to stay awake to buy the new Harry Potter book at staying awake to read the new Harry Potter book......and then to be coherent during the day after getting little sleep because I had stayed up reading. ah yes! how fun! lol!!

and of course R had first priority on the book during his normally awake hours so that meant that I didn't get to finish the book until late Saturday night. and on top of all of this, LifetimeMoments had an Extreme Crop this weekend!!! my friend S planned a terrific tour of India. so when I wasn't reading or napping I was trying to scrapbook!!

needless to say.......I had several Cokes and even resorted to coffee at one point.

this morning was a horrible awakening. I slept soundly last night but I am still short several hours of sleep and my schedule is a tad thrown off! (just a!) not only was the gut reaction to reach for a Starbucks.....but I was also severely tempted to have a Coke with lunch. but instead....I start my fight back to an uncaffeinated state! lol!!

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EBBsMum said...

Good luck with the detox! I've gotten myself to Diet A&W, and I think I am fooling myself pretty well with that brown soda. ;o)