Sunday, July 1, 2007

the Berg Effect

yes, it exists. and I need to do a layout about it.

basically it is a principle of human attraction to a place such as a restaurant, store, or movie. we can go to anyplace and have the people tell us this is the slowest day they have had in a week, month, year, whatever. however, the minute we are there is becomes PACKED with people. we often joke that we should warn them when we come in the door.

it happened tonight at In & Out. really. we parked right by the front door. then we had a choice of 3 or 4 different sets of seats (really unheard of at I&O). but, smarties that we are, we sent R&D over to grab a table. sure enough, by the time the dude behind the counter took our order, 4 more groups of people showed up. by the time our order was ready there was a line to the door. and it stayed that way until we walked out the door.

tonight R joked that we should rent ourselves out to help places get more business.


scrapper al said...

Since A and I think we have the same effect on restaurants/stores, I guess we better not go out together, otherwise we'd really overwhelm them, lol!

kerri said...

You SHOULD rent yourselves out! You can come here and help me get Kindermusik students! Hey, if the Bergs are doing it...:-)

My DH can only measure, drill, and hammer - he can't do electrical work (sadly) - but I'd gladly come help you organize! LOL