Wednesday, August 8, 2007

that favorite time of the month!!!


(what did you think I was talking about????)

being as it is a Sunday I am a little stressed about having 12 (plus the bonus picture "light") decent shots. I think you would all get bored of 12 shots of J snoozing in front of the tv, the boys watching tv or playing video games, and me either on the computer or scrapping. have you fallen asleep yet???

another blogger I read (see how I didn't make any assumptions about a perceived relationship just because I read her blog????...... sorry....just delayed ranting about a previous post where I talk about that).....Moriah.....well her ds LOVES lights! so maybe I can somehow find myself a cool light to take a picture of and I can get her a copy for him?? he has his own little album of light pictures. I should do a mini album like that myself.....but with pictures of penguins, huh?!?!?

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Cecilie said...

You should do a mini album for yourself about penguins. I would have thought you had one already.

I am looking forward to 12of12 for October since I'll be flying to the States... Those ought to be fun pic ;)