Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Bergs' Excellent Adventures

as previously reported, I was teaching for Cosmo Cricket in Reno this weekend.

what a complete 110% BLAST!!!! I think I made 200 new friends, laughed so hard I came darn close to peeing my pants, and think that while it was icky sticky hot that I was so well fed that I gained a few pounds! and, short of going on and on and on about what a wonderful event it was.......all I can say is that these people were SOOO darn organized (and wonderful....and organized....and sweet....and organized.....).....and I wanna do it again next year!

and while I was showing people how to ink, sand, NOT glue snowmen to the table, and how to have fun saying things like "strip" and "buck naked" without referring to the people inhabiting S. Virginia street.......the manly men were off being manly men......

funny thing here however........dh had done his due diligence (work term for planning ahead) and had maps, etc for the hike they were taking. in fact, his paranoid wife made him make HER copies of everything too in case she needed to call the Forest Service. well, something looked odd when they were trying to find the starting point so dh did what any man wouldn't do: he asked for directions. yes! yes he did! and sadly, this is where things went wrong.

telling you all the twists and turns would be really funny.....but I am exhausted from the weekend. so, suffice to say that several people misdirected my family and yet my dh successfully did NOT get lost. in fact at one point he actually realized that if they continued the way they were going they had a serious chance of getting lost so he turned around and went for help. basically, instead of hiking through some nifty cool trail to some peak, they ended up hiking up and down and up and down between one ski resort to another and had to get a ride back to their car from an off duty search and rescue person that was at the second ski resort for training! (I had to do it......I asked him if he told them they were successful since they had found him! lol! funny.....because, you know, they weren't lost, the S&R peeps didn't find them.......dh and the boys walked right up to them)

we will all sleep soundly tonight!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend, Susan! I envy you. It would be so much fun teaching a class like that. I'm glad your boys made it "home" safe and sound. All fodder for new LOs, eh?


silver horde said...

I suggest a GPSr for your dh!! Great gift and you can have family outings looking for geocaches!

scrapper al said...

Glad you had fun teaching. Me? I think I'd be too stressed, lol.

And if you want to try geocaching, I know someone who can loan you a GPS. ;)