Friday, August 3, 2007

my new BFF is the BMFL

this morning I wandered into Starbucks and saw that there new *thing* is a blueberries & the strawberry one the boys like. so.......can I get that but in a mocha?!?! the dude behind the register (looking quite caffeine deprived I might add) looked at me like he thought he was hearing things and that I could not possibly have asked what I asked. when I didn't correct myself or simply disappear when he blinked, he said that he figured they could do I ordered Blueberry Mocha Frap Light (less fat & calories supposedly). I guess that sounded better to him because he stopped looking like I was holding an axe.

the barrista that gave me my drink had to read the cup twice and then still wasn't quite sure that BMFL meant what he thought it meant (don't these people drink coffee???). needless to say....IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!! kinda like a chocolate covered blueberry milkshake. wonder if there really is any blueberries in it? can I say it is healthy because I am getting antioxidants from the chocolate and the blueberries?!?! really.....I am fighting cancer here.....maybe I should have gotten a Venti instead of a Grande?!?!


JoE said...

The blueberry sounds appealing...but I have to admit that the mocha with it does not...LOL....glad that you like it though, and I will be on the lookout for a BML for myself.

Bec said...

Yes! Blueberries are a SuperFood! I was reading the SuperFoods RX book at Barnes & Noble and those little guys really pack a punch!

We just got a mini-Starbucks on base, (conveniently, right on my way to school...oh no!) maybe they'll be able to mix me up something like this.