Friday, August 24, 2007

lotto irony!!

I normally do not play the lottery. I don't have any moral issue with it but I just am not a gambler. anyway, a local scrapbook store has a weekly challenge going and this weeks is to answer the question: "what would you do if you won the lottery?" so I thought a lottery ticket would be a cool embellishment for the page.

I have been forgetting all week to get one and finally remembered this morning. I pull into a 7-Eleven and as I am getting out of the car I see signs in the window announcing that they recently had a $555,000 winner. great! watch me get a $2 winner and then have to buy another one for the scrapbook! lol! I have heard that places tend to get hot and will have multiple winners over a short period of time. I have no clue if it is true or not.

I get into the store and decide that I am clueless about doing the actual lottery where you fill out the card with numbers so I decide I will just buy a scratcher. I get my scratcher and turn to leave. by the door is a newspaper stand with another sign about the store's winner. I usually read the paper online so only glanced quickly over it because I saw Yosemite in the headline (I guess they are having a dry season). then I notice the next story down...........

7-Eleven store clerk accused of stealing $555,000 winning ticket

yep! wow! what a coincidence, right?!?!? isn't that how much all these signs around the store are saying THEIR winner won?!?!? so I start reading the article (which you can read if you click on that link above) and it talks about the clerk in the Roseville store telling the customer that he won $4 and then taking his winning ticket. I stopped after about 2 paragraphs and turn to the guy behind the counter and ask if the article is about his store. he has NO CLUE that his store is on the front page of the paper for trying to steal the ticket! lol!!!

so I left with scratcher just cracking up. as I pull out of the parking lot I see the guy that had been in line behind me (buying a lottery ticket) reading the article. if that were my store I wouldn't be bragging so much about having a winner when the front page of the paper is saying that one of your employees tried to rip the dude off!

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