Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what a crummy blogger!

while it isn't for lack of ideas to blog about....but I guess I have just been so busy that when I DID have some free time I about passed out from exhaustion!

Friday - R's school orientation. he got his locker. he got his books. he got his class schedule. I got to write a BUNCH of checks.....and find out about the rest of the checks I get to write in the near future for him! uuugh! (blog idea: the new peer pressures of life in middle school. no lunchpails....we must use brown paper bags.)

Friday part 2 - THE STATE FAIR!!!!
we got there a little after 12 noon and spent the rest of the day looking at stuff. the boys even got to do some community art. then we saw Tesla in concert. R was exhausted from his day so he and I went out to the car early and kicked back resting waiting for J & D to finish watching the concert. (blog idea: how people in those electric wheelchairs are horribly rude and inconsiderate and worse than people who run over ankles with strollers! just because that thing HAS a beeper does NOT mean that you don't need to check before you floor it in reverse!) (blog idea #2: the food at the fair.....have you heard about the deep fried frozen COKE???)

Saturday - dh went golfing and then had a Scout event. I went to do school shopping and grocery shopping with 2 boys. then I came home and got to scrap a little. (blog idea: if the class list says 3x5 index cards but you can only find 4x6 does that mean you should: a) cut them all down to appropriate size, b) have a meltdown in the store, c) not worry about it, or d) not buy any at all.)

Sunday - we all just kinda crashed. dh built my scrap bookcase from IKEA and I scrapped. (blog idea: dh did NOT try and kill me again with undercooked pork.)

Monday - first day of school! started the morning car pool. it wasn't as bad as I thought it might. HOWEVER, the local college is not back in session yet so I would like to reserve final judgement until after that happens! lol! both boys had great days and brought home ooooooodles of homework......for ME!! how I despise all those forms that need to be completed every year! (blog idea: how much I get irked every time I fill out those forms and I am given the option of being D's "natural", "step", "foster/guardian", or "other" parent. it just bugs me to no end!!!) (blog idea #2: doing occasional movie reviews....like about the movie I watched today: Mistress of Spices. it was very good, btw. slow in parts...but overall extremely enjoyable!)

Tuesday - today. back to work. made it on time....how nice! lol! (blog idea: shoot! can't believe I haven't blogged since last Thursday) (blog idea #2: review of Stranger Than Fiction movie. it was very good and very funny and Maggie Gyllenhall is very adorable! however we can't seem to watch the movies we get through our Blockbuster program fast enough.) (blog idea #3: how we DIDN'T go to the Huey Lewis concert tonight. kinda bummed. kinda happy. I was tired. I am tired. I should go to bed.)

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