Saturday, January 3, 2009

perhaps a new resolution?

maybe in 2009 I will do a better job at posting? I would like to think so! I would like to think I am going to get my entire life back on track..... meaning more scrapbooking, more exercising, and more posting on my blog!

so far, as of the 3rd day of the new year I can report that I have done more of the first two items! I have completed a layout, Farm Camp 2006, and exercised all 3 days! we are trying to do Weight Watchers to get serious about some weight loss in this house and I considered using this blog, or starting another to keep track of points and stuff but have found that I can do the same thing on my Blackberry. I might have an issue with not being able to go back and see how I calculated points on a tuna fish sandwich or something, but other than that, why waste my time duplicating my work? I could be exercising, scrapbooking, or blogging with that time, right?

do you have an unusual resolution this year? I would love to hear them! my most out of the box one this year is to complete two 5Ks by the end of the year. not too exciting I know...... maybe the cutting back to 1 Coke or 1 Starbucks a week is more unusual?


scrapper al said...

I think one of your resolutions should be to e-mail, call, or pm me every week. ;) Good luck with your resolutions.

Sharon said...

Maybe you could join Crackberry Anonymous? ;)

Peggy said...

Maybe we need to locate a 5K event taking place during the last 2 wks of July 12 hrs. from here and 12 hrs. from you???? I would take pictures of you during the race.