Tuesday, January 27, 2009

and here I thought it was too SMALL!!

I have this coat. beautiful black wool trench coat. I bought it before R was born. in fact, I must have just been newly pregnant with R because I remember the lady I took it to for alterations saying that it would hang a bit different after I had the baby. well..... since I wasn't THAT pg yet and was still wearing my normal clothes, I wasn't worried about it. she hemmed the sleeves and the bottom and that was it.

I wore it that winter and then not much again. off and on. but around here you really don't NEED a thick winter coat and when you do it isn't like you need one that dressy. but with my current position, I need a coat that works with my business attire so it is getting quite a bit of use. well I noticed that the sleeves are too short. it was actually rather confusing. when my arms are down at my side they are the correct length, but when I bring them up to do something or hold something all of a sudden they are way too short. shirts and sweaters stick out the end and it looks really weird. I couldn't figure out that my arms had grown so I thought I must be wider around the chest and back and am pulling the arms up.

yesterday, I figured it out. the coat is actually too BIG and when I bring my arms up, I am cinching the sleeves back to put the arm holes where they belong which makes the sleeves too short. so instead of needing someone to lengthen the sleeves I actually need someone to take in the body of the coat.

I think I might just buy a new one. that can't be cheap.

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