Monday, January 5, 2009

Momma needs a new pair of shoes!

(Not that I would ever let the boys call me "Momma") but the shoes I am wearing today have obviously decided they want a divorce:

Late November I realize that the heels are all scraped up.......probably due to the fact that my legs are a tad on the short side and I frequently bump them into my rolling chair legs. So I took them into a cobbler near work. No problem, they will be done in a week!! I pay and go away. A week later I go back to find out they replaced the pads on the bottom of my heels but didn't actually FIX the heels!! After dealing with employees who don't speak english and an absent owner who won't return my calls, I take back my shoes and vow to never do business with them again.

Next, this morning after I am at work (of course) I notice that the leather has a slight tear along the seam on the top of my right shoe. Can't be fixed! Why couldn't this have happened BEFORE my ordeal with the cobbler?!?!

Needless to say, I am not dumb! Before these blasted things decide to break an ankle to get their point across, I am getting a new pair!

Too bad because these are comfy! And my other pair of black shoes are pumps and too low to wear my black pants with.

Guess I need to go shopping this weekend! Sure hope those end of year sales are still going!

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Sharon said...

And I was thinking you were going to talk about running shoes since you made you 5K resolutions. ;)