Saturday, January 10, 2009

remember the days?

remember the days when I used to scrapbook? they seem like they are very far in the past...... but at the beginning of the year a friend of mine decided we needed some motivation to get scrapping. with that our weekly sketch challenge was born. since then I have completed FOUR FOUR FOUR FOUR layouts!! (that is just FOUR Sharon......I wrote it out FOUR times FOR emphasis!) the best part is that I am only responsible for tracking down a sketch to use once a month. I am also loving that since they aren't for the design team over at LM, I can use whatever I want without worrying that it is new, in stock, still being made, etc! lol!! on one of my layouts I have paper that is 3 years old! I didn't even know I HAD paper that old!! and don't get me wrong.... I LOVE being on the DT and using new stuff! but I am glad to get the chance to use these papers. I obviously liked them enough to buy them, right?

anyway, if you are interested......

Farm Camp

Fall Fest

Just Ducky

Tis the Season for Penguins


scrapper al said...

Great layouts! Doesn't it feel good to be using your stash? (I'll bet you have paper more than 3 years old or are you that good at purging the old stuff?)

Oh, and I remember the days when we'd get a couple blog posts a week. ;)

Sharon said...

Way to go!