Friday, January 9, 2009

no habla espanol!

(yeah.... not even sure I spelled that right)

but on with the story....... several months ago we started getting 2 phone calls every time the boys' school district sent out a broadcast message. I figured they just had a real basic phone calling system and couldn't figure out that we had 2 kids in the same district even if they were at two different grade groupings (elementary and middle) and at two different schools. so we get the same phone calls twice.

then a few months ago we started getting only one phone call from the school district....... in english......... and our second phone call........... in spanish!

and starting just a few weeks ago we have started getting solicitation calls from one of our credit card companies...... in spanish! WTH?!?!?!?

so, now, why is this happening?!?!? we have joked that since R has started taking spanish in school that the district wants him to practice! lol! and when D moved in with us, we had him tested as possibly bilingual because his prior foster care family spoke primarily spanish (welcome to California! lol!). anyway, he failed and they determined he had no problems with english and didn't know much spanish. but that really can't be it because D has been with us for 5 years and these spanish calls have only started in the past few months.

the question remains........... is there something about our family that makes people think we speak spanish or have they decided that everyone in our lovely state speaks spanish?

no se! (lol!!)

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