Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wii bii fit

seriously! is there an actual Wii diet plan out there? can I actually lose weight if I use this regularly?

I ask because I did 16 minutes this morning (beginner step for a warm up, some yoga, then advanced step, and then a yoga breathing). then tonight after grocery shopping I didn't feel like hitting the treadmill (shouldn't the walking around in circles at the grocery store count for anything?!?!?) I decided to do my morning routine again.

there is no way that I am saying I got as much of a workout from my 32 minutes of Wii fun as I would have from my treadmill routine, but it wasn't like I was a complete bum, right??

anyway, for those keeping track at home, my Mii says I have lost 1.34 lbs since Sunday. fat chance! lol!


scrapper al said...

32 minutes is a good start. I walked up the stairs (four flights) to a meeting this afternoon and a coworker said I shamed him into walking too, lol.

Sharon said...

And does your mii get fat when you step on that? I just can't face what my mii would look like. ;P