Friday, March 29, 2013

Wahoo! I have a ZIT!!!

how many 40 somethings are excited about a zit? how many any aged people are excited about a zit? probably no one. but I am proud because I know where it came from.

see.......I never really got zits unless I was super lazy and didn't wash my face when I was supposed to. I have always had oily skin and usually wash it twice a day. for a long time I took two showers a day so I could wash my hair a second time (can you say "date night"??). I only wear makeup when I am at work because most of the time it makes my skin crawl......not itch like an allergy.......crawl like my skin can't breathe!

but this zit is special. he is there because I have been exercising........and, blech.........sweating! and while I wash my face (and sometimes shower) afterwards......apparently I missed a spot right in the crack by my nose. no one can see it (yeah!) but I can sure feel it.

so while they don't give bling for 5 or 10Ks and I haven't done that half marathon yet........this zit is my running bling! and when I smile, blow my nose (hello Sacramento spring!), or move my face......the little shot of pain from my Friend the Zit will remind me how far I've come!

it's the little things.......

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