Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fourth Annual Red Shoe Crawl!

last year I mentioned that eating at charity events shouldn't count. I realized that I posted that the weekend before the Third Annual Red Shoe Crawl that supports Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern California.......and that I hadn't mentioned it earlier in the year so you would have a chance to get tickets.

The Fourth Annual Red Shoe Crawl is June 23, 2012. GO BUY YOUR TICKETS!!!

what? you say. why are you bugging me so early? I've got months before I need to worry about that! well I am telling you to buy them now because they sell out EVERY YEAR! and last year more than one friend missed the fun because they hadn't purchased their tickets early enough.

yes, I have already bought ours.

here are the answers to more of your questions.......some you didn't know you were going to ask:

yes, you need to wear red shoes.
no, they won't stop you from participating, but you will look like a total fool with all us red footed partiers!
yes, you do a lot of walking. we walked about 5 miles last year.
no, you won't notice.
yes, you really go to 20 different restaurants (we found some new favorites)
yes, you get to try a LOT of food.
yes, you get to taste some mighty tasty drinks.
yes, you should bring your kids.......unless they don't like food or having fun.
yes, you should get friends together to do this with you. this is the world's best progressive dishes or housecleaning!

so in case you haven't figured it out:

yes, you WILL have a blast!

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