Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walk fast Susan! Walk fast!

(you know......."Run Susan! Run!" but I don't run.....I just walk really fast!)


last Saturday I did my first 10K!!! I figured since I intend to walk a half marathon in May that I should probably get a 10K under my belt first. (though my original plan had me doing that 10K at the Sacramento ZooZoom on April 14th)

instead........a friend mentioned The Spirit of Benny 10K/5K Fun Run & Walk and I couldn't resist! (seriously........who am I to answer the siren call of exercise??) but I loved working in Placerville oh so many years ago.......a small wonderful community and gosh, it is gorgeous up there! so why not? this way I will have TWO 10Ks completed before I make the leap to a half marathon!

a friend, Lori, was suckered in to joining me at the last minute. crazy girl didn't think she was up for it........I had the fastest pace ever with her!

the course wasn't as flat as the race lead you to believe.....but having worked in Placerville, I pretty much knew that ahead of time! my FitBit told me I had climbed 24 flights of stairs by the end of the 6.2 miles! not bad, huh?!?!? the weather was PERFECT for the race! a little breezy in the shade and not too hot in the sun. the path went across a wooden bridge and through the woods. wish I could walk there every day......even with the inclines!

David was happy to do the 10K too.......once he found out he didn't have to s-l-o-w-l-y walk with MOOOOM and could run off on his own. how did he fair? we don't know. his number is all bunched up in his backpack so the announcer couldn't see it......and the timing equipment didn't pick him up crossing the finish line. on top of that......he isn't in any of the photos people took and posted on Facebook. this is the only proof that he did it......and the photo isn't even in focus!

as for me........I finished the race second to last (poor Lori got that honor) and last in my age group (obviously) with a 1:41:14.......but there were only 300ish people running and I was just happy to have not needed a handsome EMT's attention during the race! honestly, kinda bummed by the great time. it is going to be hard to beat at the ZooZoom!

next year........I'm taking Dolly!

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scrapper al said...

Great job Susan!!
I didn't recognize David! Has it been that long since I've seen him?