Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Year of 24 - Month 3

Scrapbook layouts: 6 (goal of 2)

and this is only because of that crop weekend right as the month started. otherwise, nada....zipo.....ziltch!

Operation Write Home cards: 14 (goal of 2)
I really really think I made more than this. probably because I made several cards this month that were not sent to OWH.

Scrapbook purchasing versus usage:
let's not think about this right now okay........PeachyCheaps!

Pounds lost: 1 (goal of 2)
yeah, well.......I walked a whole lot more but I also had a lot more days where I was "just over" a bit on calories. funny how that works out. but I am totally upping my game for April! I joined a dieting bet. and I don't like losing bets.

Dolly walks: 23 (goal of 24)
Just shy one. not bad considering how many days I wasn't home until late or whatever. in addition to walking Dolly, I completed my first 10K and hit the treadmill two days.

Blog posts: 5 (goal of 2)
and, unlike February, I am happy with the content of my posts: zits, my 10K, people who are idiots, and a reminder about a really fun charity event! add a book and/or movie review and I would be really happy. maybe in April???

Books: 4
I am completely fine with this number. like I said, one a week is right on track for me! I finally got to finish up Charlotte au Chocolat. it was an interesting look at growing up in the food service industry. I kept forgetting that it wasn't decades ago. it always seemed like that. I got a little more reading done in Telegraph Avenue but had to return it (again). maybe I'll get it finished the next time around?

I think my favorite book for March was Tiger Lily. it was about the girl that Peter Pan loved before Wendy. I guess I am a sucker for those alternative story lines?!?

AND.......I am currently reading Lover at Last from JR Ward! I will tell you now.....it will be my favorite book of April! lol!

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