Monday, March 18, 2013

Dear People with No Common Sense.....

as you are probably aware, I walk my dog a lot. I also live near a larger local park that is great for walking Dolly, swinging children on swings, playing baseball, smoking pot.....oh but I digress! this post is a public service announcement to those parents who are.......idiots.

the park is lined with homes whose backyards back up to the park. most of these people have cyclone fences (harder to tag) and animals.......dogs, chickens, roosters......probably a pig in there somewhere, who knows. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE PARK IS A PETTING ZOO!!!

please do not tell your child it is okay to go "pet the nice doggie." how do you know my dog is nice? did you ask me? animals don't like it when people (especially unpredictable wobbly toddlers) come running straight at them. did you happen to notice that I am walking with a focus, not meandering around whistling with my hands in my pockets?

and do not tell your child to STICK THEIR HAND THROUGH THE FENCE to "pet the nice doggie" or "feel the chicken's feathers." really! is there a sign I don't see that says "friendly rooster......loves to be pet.......don't mind all the noise"? what makes you think that animal doesn't think your child's finger isn't an afternoon treat.......or a nice juicy fat worm?!?!?

on more than one occasion I have walked by as a parent has encouraged their child to stick their finger through a fence to pet, touch, feel, whatever an animal of some kind that they have absolutely NO CLUE about! one time, the child was CRYING as the parent continued to push them to endanger themselves. at least it looks like the kid got his brains from someone other than his parents!

anyway......while I can deal with the kids trampling down on Dolly (most of the time they can't catch us......zoom zoom zoom)......please stop asking your kids to offer body parts to unknown animals! and if you feel their lives won't be complete without touching animals, I suggest the Sacramento Zoo and FairyTale Town. though, please note, the Zoo has fences too.......for a reason!

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Mama Coussoule said...

Oh my, you have officially stumbled upon the new best-ever book title!!!!! How fun would it be to compile a whole book of letters that start with this...