Tuesday, September 11, 2007

to some.....today is the same ol' same ol'

September 11th........the "where were you" moment of our generation.......is today. last year my blog was dedicated to the memory of Brandon Buchannan. I had intended to bring that post forward to this blog this morning. but somehow the rest of my life didn't realize I would need some time to do that. I still needed to hurry two slowpoke boys out the door to school.

once out the door and on our way it was obvious that there were several people who thought of today as the same ol' same ol'

.........the butt head in the white truck who just about took out the car in front of me because he HAD to be 2 cars farther ahead and GUNNED it the minute he saw the merge sign. he was lucky he hadn't just pushed me INTO the car in front of me
............. the creep who went through 3 cigarettes in the time I was stuck behind him in traffic this morning. how do I know 3? well.....because I saw him toss all 3 butts out his window. heavens.....certainly didn't want his car to stink like old cigarette butts, did he?!?!?
..........the woman who was putting on her eye makeup while driving. no.....not at red lights......WHILE she was doing 45 down a street with kids walking on the sidewalks and kids riding bikes. oh yes.
......... and then last but not least would be the bike rider who was obeying traffic laws and riding his bike IN the traffic lane to make the turn at a busy and scary intersection.......while his bicycle helmet hung from his handlebars. yep! definately going to provide ooodles of protection there! wouldn't want his handlebars to get cracked open if he were to get hit......by say........ some butthead in a white truck who couldn't be all of 10 seconds of patient, huh?!?!?

today of all days you would think people might take a second to value their own lives and the lives of those around them.

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