Monday, September 10, 2007

nice matters award!

seriously! can you believe it? someone said that me and my little ol' blog here help make the internet a nicer place!! huh......she must be ignoring all those "complaining" posts! lol!!

so.......if you wanna backtrack, Becca nominated me after being nominated by Angie. so to be fair, I wanted to nominate people who weren't included on either of their lists. some of these people DON'T read my blog......but I love reading their blogs and think that they definately meet the criteria: "bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. "

1. Moriah - who shares the good times and bad times
2. Jeff J - who thankfully found a home on the web after he left radio
3. Chad - if only for turning me on to 12of12 (2 days away......btw)
4. Cathy Z - if she only blogged and never scrapped again I would STILL love her!
5. Wendy - in so many ways she is an inspiration
6. Sharon - because it means I can keep up with her life without daily phone calls.
7. Dianne - reading a post from her is liking sitting down for cookies and cocoa and a little chat.

I would have had to include an 8th but since a certain State freaked the beegeezers out of a potential teacher about things like being human, his blog is gone. however, if it had been up I would have said that it he provided me humor, companionship, and the inspiration to step outside the box!

anyway.......according to the rules these people are supposed to now nominate 7 others. but hey, that means they need to READ my blog first! HA!!!!

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Dianne said...

Thank you's an honor to be nominated by you. I consider your writing and your blog to be the best!