Monday, September 17, 2007

so then the police detective called me....

nice lead in, huh?!?!?

so this morning after dropping the boys off at school I kinda witnessed an accident on the freeway. sadly (or atleast for the detective calling me) I didn't actually SEE the accident. I saw everything fly into the air and then the smashed up car on the side of the road and all the stuff from the car thrown all over the freeway. so like a good citizen I called 911. traffic was already going reasonably slow because we had just watched a police officer s-l-o-w-l-y pull over a truck that had been driving in the car pool lane and couldn't catch a clue that he was the one that the cop was flashing his lights and blaring his sirens for! lol!! anyway, I called it in as a single car accident because I couldn't see a second car. but since then it has really bugged me. I consider myself an observant person. and while I am a little sleep deprived today I still know that there was something wrong with the scene this morning.....

the car looked like it had been rear-ended.....but there was no second car anywhere. there was no car fleeing the scene....and from the extent of the damages on the first car I seriously doubt it COULD have fled the scene. that first car started as a 4 door and was a 2 door when I drove past. so this missing car has been haunting me....making me question what I saw or didn't see. and I don't like that feeling.

so then the police detective called me......see where this is leading to?!?!? he had my phone number because I called in the accident. he asked if I had seen the accident and I told him what I had told the 911 operator. he asked me a couple other questions and I told him about my quandry. well.....they can't figure it out either which is why he called! lol!! currently they believe it was a single car accident and the driver somehow spun her car around and that the damage to the rear of the car was from the guard rail!!! INSANE!! based on where she was, she HAD to have been entering the freeway.....and that entrance (I use often) is pretty straight so I really can't figure out what happened that would make her spin. it isn't like there is anywhere to gain speed and then have to make a turn or something. seems the police are having the same problem.

but atleast it means that I didn't *miss* a car. and it explains why there were personal items strewn so far out across the freeway. and thankfully no innocent people were hurt!

(btw......had a nice weekend. the concert on Friday night was great......Def Leppard, Styx, and Foreigner.......I knew all the songs except 2 by DF. impressive considering they weren't/aren't my type of music! oh and the River Cats won Friday night so no game for us to see Saturday night. got to spend some quality time with A and the boys at the bowling alley Sunday afternoon. gonna miss her while she is under internet silence in China for the next 3 weeks!!)


Becca L. said...

what a way to start the morning. Oh, and so jealous you got to see Def Leppard!

Kerri said...

I also love Def Leppard!! LOL

I once totaled my car in a one-car accident - hitting the guard rail is what totaled it. :-( I was driving along a STRAIGHT highway with not much traffic at all, when a huge box flew out of a truck that was in front of me. It shocked me and I swerved to miss it, but I was going fast and I lost control and spun around and hit the guard rail at a glancing blow. There wasn't THAT much damage, but the car was several year old (and paid off, of course), so the damage would have cost more to repair than the car was worth.

ANYWAY! I guess that's how it could happen. I spun around so hard that my cup of tea in the drink holder didn't even spill! :-P However, I don't know if this could be the case with the accident you saw, because stuff flew out.

Man, I'm talkative tonight!