Thursday, September 6, 2007

and today you will be GLAD there aren't pictures!!

because today I am talking about insect bites.

annually our dog Tessa gets a flea. yes, a single flea. don't know why or whatever.....but you can tell when she gets it because she is a scratchfest......and because that night in bed my leg becomes a roasted turkey leg at a Ren faire! I wake up with dozens of bites because my leg is tastier than our poor dog. then we give Tessa a bath and the flea, scratchfest, and turkey leg eating contest are over. the end! lol!!

but it isn't this that I am talking about. there is some other bug out there and I think it is a State Fair bug because I was like this the week after the Tesla concert also. I have HUGE bumps on my feet and legs. they look more like water blisters than welts. oh, yes, and they ITCH like crazy! like wakeyouupinthemiddleofthenighttoscratch kind of itch! no one else in my family has had this problem. I just think there is something about me (blood type, vitamin B deficiency, or whatever) that makes me look like a chocolate cake to insects! needless to say......I am using hydrocortisone cream like it is regular body lotion and walking like I have a groin injury (oh yes, because my pants rub against the ones on the inside of my thighs and it HURTS).

lovely imagery isn't it? now aren't you thankful I don't have pictures?


Sharon said...


Dianne said...

Susan....on the news here in Illinois they've been talking a lot about a bug called "Itch Mites" sounds exactly like what you're fighting with right now. They live in trees, can't fly..but drift in the wind. They bite when they come in contact with get itches for 3-5 days and not much helps the itch...not even Benedryl. Morgan has been itching for 3 days....and the little boy next door to Jen is allergic to them...his face, ear and chest swelled up.

Dianne said...

Oh...they live on oak trees...but can drift quite far on the wind.

Kerri said...

sorry about the bites! ick!

but I wanted to drop by and say...just ordered the kit for your baby girl class! my bff is having one soon! :-D can't wait. i'll have to start planning NOW to make enough time for it all!

Bec said...

Stop talking about it... you're making me itchy! ;)

wwjt said...

I don't know what bit me the other day, but I know it wasn't mosquitos--their welts disappear in a couple of hours. I think they're gnats! Their (or whatever lovely insect) bites left my leggies itching for several DAYS! The last two nights I woke up in the middle of the night to rub alcohol on them (my mom's favorite remedy for boo boos)! It looked like my leg was diseased from all the bites! I can deal with intolerable PAIN better than intolerable itch! Hubby says it's cuz they like Chinese food.;-)