Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today I am officially NOT obese!!!

okay seriously...... the definition of obese is to be grossly fat or overweight. I know I am overweight but I have always had a problem with the label "obese." I do not get winded with a minimal amount of exercise. I do not require a seatbelt extender on an airline. I can fit in my movie theater space (even the older ones with the hard skinny seats). I do not wear mumus or ride around on a motorized scooter. I do not have high blood pressure (actually very good blood pressure) or high cholesterol. My weight does not interfere in my daily activities. I weigh too much. I am overweight. I am not obese.

despite my BMI until today was in the "obese" catagory. golly gee, now I am just considered "overweight"........doesn't that sound so much nicer?!?!?

and seriously........I would need to get down to 140 to be considered "normal weight." people......I would look sickly at 140.

but hey, apparently this health issue is no longer my fault. according to the AMA, obesity is now a disease. what a crock! that is as much bologna as me being obese in the first place! while the AMA has great intentions.....better focus on the problem, more medical intervention, etc.........I just see it as an easy way for people to discard their responsibility for their own health. "hey, I can't help is a disease!" no it isn't.......there are medical conditions that can lead to obesity.....thyroid issues come to mind. and there are medical conditions exacerbated by obesity......can you say diabetes??? but when it comes down to it.....unless there is a chemical imbalance in your body, your weight is a direct reflection of your caloric intake and caloric output. eat less, exercise more, weigh less. (of course that is a very view simplistic)

thankfully I am not the only one who thinks this "diagnosis" is ridiculous!! #IAmNotADisease has popped up all over Twitter and even an article on CNN. while I may not agree with Marilyn Wann's request to "end the war on obesity," I do think she brought up an ongoing issue for overweight that will now become even more prevalent: whereas an overweight person seeks medical care for something not related to their weight but having their "medical professional" attribute it to their weight. um, sinus infections will not be cured when I hit that magical 140lbs thankyouverymuch!

after all that, I read an article in the June Fitness Magazine that seemed to make sense out of all of this. Can You Be Fat But Fit? why, yes Virginia, yes you can! this article could have been written by my own internal thoughts and questions. despite what the scale says, if you are not on blood pressure, cholesterol, etc medications and are able to exert a reasonable amount of energy without having to take a break to catch your breath, etc, you are okay. yes you probably should still spend more time every day doing some type of exercise, but even if you do, no one can expect you to show up in a few months at the perfect weight with the perfect body. that just isn't going to happen for everyone.

like I said at the beginning, my blood work and blood pressure all tell you I am healthy. without knowing my weight and height, the doctor would proclaim me in great health. and I may not be in perfect health, but I am darn healthier than I was a few months (or years) ago. other than not being at that magical 140lbs, there is nothing wrong with my body!

so there!


scrapper al said...

Since I couldn't keep up with you when we walked, I'm pretty sure you're more fit than I am. And how that you're doing half marathons, I know you're fit!

scrapper al said...

And I've never thought of you as obese, but congratulations on your weight loss.