Monday, June 3, 2013

The Year of 24 - Month 5

a day late in posting this.....or 2 days depending on when you think I was supposed to post my monthly update!  I'll assume I can use the boys' birthdays as an excuse? but I don't think that is the truth. life overall has been slammed and May was no exception to that! hey, I did my first half marathon people......and then flew out of town the next day for work.

Scrapbook layouts: 0 (goal of 2)
seriously! no time to scrap!

Operation Write Home cards: 5 (goal of 2)
but only because I am in the card kit swap. (thank you Peggy for the great kit!)

Scrapbook purchasing versus usage:
I don't recall making any purchases this past month. I haven't had TIME to shop......well for craft supplies at least!

Pounds lost: 1.6 (goal of 2)
guess this is the aftermath from being SUPER vigilant in April?!?! might also be a result of being so busy and trying to step up my workout. I think my appetite my have stepped up more than the working out has been burning off. but I am glad to see on paper that I have not been progressing. maybe it will be what I need to get on track in June?

Dolly walks: 14 (goal of 24)
well.....that is what Endomondo says. and it is probably right considering I did 2 races without Dolly (American River Parkway and Bay to Breakers - forgot to mention that, didn't I? crazy last was fun and should be its own blog post) thankfully the boys......including Jeff......have been walking her too. I am not sure how it is going to go now that summer (and the 100+ heat) is here. Dolly wasn't happy on our walk yesterday and it didn't even break 90 while we were out. but I am fine with later night long as they are before my bedtime! lol!!

Blog posts: 3 (goal of 2)
I only got 3 posts........and one was actually written in April. (please see comments about the races and working out and being busy with work.....)

Books: 3
great month for books! 3 really good books.....and a lot of magazines, to be honest! The Girls of Atomic City was a really great story (true story)......I don't know that I would have written/compiled it the way the author did, but I loved hearing about the women who worked on such a huge project without knowing what they were involved in!

June is another month.......and I am already 2 days in to it....guess I better go walk Dolly, scrapbook, make cards, read books, and find things to blog about!

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