Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Come to the Fair........California, life as it should be!!!

that is how the theme song for the first ever California State Fair I ever attended went. how do I know? I can't find it on the internet anywhere, but I hear it in my head and remember being in the house we moved in to when we arrived in Sacramento.......and we only lived there one year. (a lot happened in that one year in that one house.....but perhaps I should save that for another post?)

anyway.......with living in Sacramento, going to the State Fair seems like a "must do".......and for our family that is pretty much the case. we have had season passes, attended free concerts, done sleepovers, assisted in the birthing of animals, ridden rides, eaten way too much fried food, drank some of the World's Largest Margarita, etc. good times! good times!!

a general family Fair memory is back in the day when the Fair was held in August. I would take the boys' last day of summer off and we would go to the Fair. we would be there at opening, get all you could ride wrist bands. then the boys would ride their hearts (or perhaps stomachs??) out until late afternoon when Jeff would join us. the afternoon and evening were spent looking at exhibits (with Jeff telling me every year I should enter the next year), seeing shows, and then dinner of lovely Fair foods......usually fried ones.

but the BIG memory is of the boys' obsession with wheels at the 2007 State Fair.....you know, the ones you spin and possibly win something. the boys would spot one in the distance and race to get there first. it didn't matter whose wheel it was, what they might or might not win, etc......it was just spinning that wheel!

they were even excited to spin a wheel that would require them to answer a question! (looks like Ryan has a tough question.......but he still wanted to spin that wheel!) the crazy addiction to wheels continues but nothing like that summer at the State Fair!
what are your favorite California State Fair memories? if you have been once or a dozen times, this is when you should dust them off. you can enter the California State Fair Memory & Photo Contest......hey, you could be in a commercial for this year's Fair!!!

btw, tickets are on sale now. I thoroughly recommend the Family Pack. it is a great price even if you don't use the monorail tickets......but really, why wouldn't you? it is a nice break on a hot day where you can check out an aerial view of the Fair and maybe figure out what to see next! this year I definitely want to try the deep fried watermelon and spaghetti ice cream......the boys can help with that last one!

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