Friday, June 14, 2013

Remember when I did that half marathon???

you don't? well.....probably because I never blogged about it.......even though I think I manage to fit it into an average of 50% of my conversations! I knew I should have pre-blogged so I could quickly edit after the race and get posted before I hopped on a plane for a week!

it started when I foolishly told someone I could totally do a half marathon if I could walk it and she called me on my bluff. yeah.......that half marathon! but it gets better! not only did I do the half, but hubby joined me.....and my friend Lori got suckered in again!! (I wonder why I haven't heard from her in awhile?!?!?)

well.......we did it! we pretty much stuck together for the entire walk with Lori and I stopping for a quick bathroom break before super speed walking to catch up with Jeff. while our mile times fluctuated, we averaged 16:18 minute miles. not bad! we placed in the top third of the walkers but ended a few minutes over Jeff's goal of 3:30:00 for the race.  we might have been able to make it if we had been able to maintain our beginning pace (hey.....our first half......we are learning here!). 

mile 11 was hard. we were sore, it was hot (got up to 90 that day), and that mile had no shade! while no one said anything horrific like "I'll never make it", we were all feeling the toll of the heat and distance. by the time we crossed the finish line, we had spent the past 10 minutes describing all of our aches and pains to each other.

but we did it and I will admit to being a little teary-eyed when we crossed the finish line! afterall, I had been thinking about that moment, focusing on that moment, for the greater part of 2 weeks. that moment dragged me out of the house on days that, gosh, I just didn't FEEL like going out. and well, because I honestly didn't think at any point in my training that I really, truly, seriously, was going to make it!

on the way home, we three stinky people stopped and got our "13.1" stickers (seriously.....yes we did! I was still wearing my bib and bling too) and grabbed Chipotles. an ice bath and recovery drink later, I was in a worn out daze.....and then headed to the airport for a 6 hour plane ride just about 12 hours later!

btw, didn't take long......I am signed up for 2 more halfs and fingers crossed to get in to a 3rd. one of the races is a fund raiser for a group that supports foster youth. if you are so inclined, you can make a tax deductible donation to the cause here! every little bit helps!

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scrapper al said...

Impressive! I've been holding you up as an example at work that you don't have to be a runner to do marathons.