Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If I were a betting man.......

isn't that the phrase?!?!?

of course I am a woman......and I think betting is generally not a good idea. but that didn't keep me from joining a site called DietBet. the premise is that having placed a bet, you will be incented to try harder to lose the weight!

in most cases it is $25 to join and as many people as want to can join a group. there are some groups with higher buy-ins......and a few specialty groups. you can win a trip to the Biggest Loser Ranch, donate water to charity, etc. all very cool! at the beginning of the month you "weigh in" and send them a photo of yourself on the scale and one of the scale showing your weight. they give you a "secret word" to help time stamp the photos.

the goal is to lose 4% of your weight in the 4 weeks. I like this! the percentage thing levels the playing field. afterall, it would be much easier for a 300 pound person to lose 10 pounds than a 190 pound person. but 4% means your weight loss goal is personalized for you based on where you are at when you start. you will also be disqualified if you lose too much weight or they find out you used unhealthy means to lose the weight (not sure how they would do that.......perhaps you shouldn't have that box of Fen-Fen laying by the scale?!?!?) the whole plan seems well thought out and I applaud whomever sat there (or walked on their treadmill) working it all out.

however........at some point in a healthy lifestyle change, weight loss is not your main goal. yes, when your BMI says you are "obese" you need to focus on bringing the numbers down. but at some point you need to start thinking about the end game. if you work on toning and gaining some muscles, you are not going to lose weight. you will be more healthy, but you will not necessarily weigh less.

THIS is why I won't join another game. sure, I still have pounds to lose. but I found that I was making some decisions that benefited me for the game (btw, I lost 5.7% of my weight during the game so this isn't a case of sour grapes......oooh! wine! lol!). but these decisions weren't what may have been the best for me in the long run. had I not been in the contest, I might have added some strength training to my schedule. looking ahead, I am signed up for another half marathon that I want to do some running in. I should have started training for it two weeks ago (but was still training for my first half!) and it includes cross training and strength training. but muscles weigh more than fat! that would hinder the weight loss.....I might LOOK better but I didn't want to lose my $25!!

see my point?? at my weight and physical condition it probably isn't really an issue. I can build muscle AND still lose weight but I don't even like the feeling that my choices might be influenced. my end game is to feel GOOD and look good......not what the scale says.

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