Thursday, July 11, 2013

#winning are the BIG WINNERS!

so......14 entries in to my little contest for free tickets! even some new people who probably have never visited my little blog.....and probably never will again (but are always welcome!)

and a SUPER BIG thanks to the people who made donations to Mountain Circle! every little bit can make a BIG difference!! (btw, you can still make donations.....just sayin')

okay, so without further rambling......the winners are:

Lori will be enjoying the Sacramento Zoo with her own little animals! (they are sweet girls.....but it had to sound funny)

Jayson will be going to the State Fair!!

and Anonymous (there is an email addy in the post) gets to check out the River Cats!

off to contact the winners........this was fun! hope I can do more giveaways soon!

1 comment:

Jayson Broadbent said...

awesome, I m so stoked.