Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A plea.....followed by some giveaways! (UPDATED)

this is a blog in 3 parts: a plea (or request....call it what you like), a giveaway, and the rules for the giveaway.

you may or may not know, but D was adopted through the foster care system. let me tell you, it is one seriously messed up system! not sure how it can possibly ever get fixed, but intelligent caring people who are adequately funded would be a start. to that end, the family is participating in a fundraising walk/run. J and I are doing the half, D is doing the 10K, R is doing a 50K - on his bike. whatever! he made up his own event! Dolly is joining us too.......weather will determine which race she does. the event is a fundraiser for a group called Mountain Circle Family Services. as I have done a lot of training along the American River Parkway with the turkeys, dear, snakes, and occasionaly coyote, I am looking forward to seeing a couple of bears during their race, Running With the Bears. (please note: the race is NOT called "Running FROM the Bears......though that might improve my time?!?!?) I am also hoping for lower temps than Sacramento!

so the plea........please consider making a donation to our "team" HERE. quick, easy, tax deductible, will make you feel good and earn you my undying gratitude! figure, it has been too hot for Starbucks so you should have an extra $5 or $10, right?? thankyouverymuch!

as a thank you for reading (and potentially responding to) the above plea, I present the giveaway portion of this blog!

4 tickets to the 2013 California State Fair
 - you can see me wax poetic about it HERE 

4 tickets to the River Cats 2013 season
 - Senate Seats - you pick your seats & the game!

4 tickets to the Sacramento Zoo
 - expire May 31, 2014

NO DONATION is required to enter the giveaway. tickets will be mailed to you or meet-up arrangements can be made.

because what would a giveaway be without rules?
all the following can be done in the same blog reply.
NO DONATION is required to enter the giveaway.
entries MUST be posted by midnight PST July 10, 2013. (hey, the Fair opens July 12th.....)

to enter, please reply to this blog post with the answer to these questions:
1. what will you eat at the State Fair or River Cats game?
2. what animal will you see at the Sacramento Zoo?
3. rank the prizes in order of preference.

winners will be randomly drawn and prizes will be awarded in order of preference listed. I don't know how to use those fancy internet drawing things. so if you don't trust me, don't enter. sorry!

whew! I'm worn out now! good luck and thank you for reading all that!


Two Chicks On Books said...

1. what will you eat at the State Fair or River Cats game?Easy at the fair corn dogs and deep fried snickers! Rivercats tri-tip sandwich and a merlinos and a beer of course.

River Cats tix
State fair

Thanks for the giveaway!

Karyn Luke said...

A1: @Rivercats ~ Melinos @Fair Cotton Candy & BBQ
A2: Giraffe Encounter --- I think Brandon is finally BRAVE enough to go up there and feed them (then again, he enjoys Chuck E Cheese but still does not want anything to do with the CFA Cow)
A3: State Fair Tickets, River Cats Tickets, Zoo Tickets

ToscaSac said...

Dippin' Dots, corn on the cob, churros!

A pretzel at Raley Field

The new tiger cub at the zoo.

State Fair TIckets
River Cats Seats
Zoo passes

officialevelin said...

1. What will you eat at the State Fair or River Cats game?
- I would eat Dippin Dots and funnel cakes at State Fair.

2. what animal will you see at the Sacramento Zoo?
- I will see all kinds of animal from flamingos to hominids to other mammals such as giraffe, zebra, lion, tiger, and leopard.

3. Rank the prizes in order of preference.
- State Fair, Zoo, River Cat Game

Paprikapink said...

1. I'm a traditionalist -- I always want a hotdog wherever I go!

2. My favorite is the giraffe---no, wait! The otter--oh, but I also love the parrots--oh! and the tigers, and the chimps, and...I guess I love them all.

3. First: Rivercats; Second: Zoo; Third: State Fair


Jayson Broadbent said...

1 singer dog at Rivercats atte fair a cinnamon roll.

2At the zoo I would see the monkeys because they are fun to see

3fair tickets Rivercats tickets zoo

RAD Moose said...

1. what will you eat at the State Fair or River Cats game? SF: Corn Dogs and Cotton Candy. RC: Hot Dogs, Peanuts and Coke.
2. what animal will you see at the Sacramento Zoo?
Sumatran Tiger
3. rank the prizes in order of preference.
State Fair, River Cats, Zoo

Thank you for the opportunity.
BTW, if you ever need some assistance setting up Rafflecopter for a giveaway, I would be happy to assist. It is rather easy to use.

Lori said...

Always eat hot dogs & burgers. At the game or the Fair! It's the American way!
I'm a cat girl myself, the kids like any zoo animal. ANY.
State Fair
River Cats.
Susan, you're an awesome lady with an awesome family. You rock. :)
Lori D.

Tina said...

1. State Fair: funnel cake! River Cats:snow xone

2. Zebra, because they're my sons favorite.

State Fair, River Cats, Zoo.

Stacey said...

zoo, rivercats, and fair

Anonymous said...

zoo, river cats, fair

dolphyngyrl said...

1. Whatever I can!

2. Giraffes!

3. Fair, Zoo, Rivercats! Although maybe the cats should be higher since I've never been?

Erica M. Romero said...

I've never been to the River Cats game so no idea what there is to eat! And I haven't been to the fair in over a decade! I need to get out more.

There is a Sacramento Zoo? Seriously, haven't seen that either. Really need to get out more.

Fair, River Cats, Zoo

Autumn Valerio said...

Can't go to the fair without sharing a funnel cake =) and I love the deep fried artichoke hearts. My favorite animals at the zoo are the orangutans.

Any prize would be fabulous! But, preference is 1) State Fair tickets, 2) River Cats, 3) Zoo

Thanks for the opportunity!