Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mission Super Soft Tortilla's Walking Omelets - aka: breakfast for the family on the GO!

A couple weeks ago I received the email that we all wish we would, I did not win the Liechtenstein lottery (again)......I was being offered some of the new Mission Super Soft Tortillas to try, make a recipe for, blog about, and potentially win a trip to the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle. know me......they had me at "tortilla." Seriously! Those things are a staple in our house. With an active family and growing boys, tortillas are BETTER than sliced bread!

Then the box arrived and I had to fight the boys off! We were given a package of fajita, soft taco, and burrito sized tortillas (aka: small, medium, and large). Being in a crazy house, I wanted to think of something that would appeal to like-minded people who need good food fast and sometimes on the go.

Thus........the Walking Omelet! You might say it is "just a breakfast burrito" but I beg to differ. Those burritos are wrapped in paper (if you buy them in a drive thru) or fall apart and have to be eaten with dirty fingers or utensils (if you make them at home). That wouldn't suit my purposes! I wanted something that the boys could grab as they rushed out the door to school, Scouts, whatever, without me fearing their breakfast was falling out behind them.

Thus..........the Walking Omelet:
bacon strips (newly cooked or leftover from a previous meal)
scrambled eggs (made in bulk with enough for as many Walking Omelets as you plan to make. we generally go with 1 1/2 per person)
shredded cheese
sliced avocado
sliced black olives
really, anything else you would like to put in an omelet!

(If you are fortunate enough that everyone likes the same omelet ingredients, I would make a big ol' omelet and then put scoops of the completed omelet in the tortilla. That is what I did when it was just me, myself, and I. However, in my family no one agrees on anything so the eggs are made separately and a post cooking omelet is created in the tortilla.)

The tortillas are soft so there is no need to warm them up. Pile your ingredients in, slightly down one side to allow room to fold up your Walking Omelet.....and GO!!! No fear of the tortilla cracking or ripping causing you to lose the most important meal of the day!

Disclosure: In case you forgot after seeing those yummy pictures of my Walking Omelets, I received compensation for this blog post in the form of free tortillas.....which is awesome! There is also the possibility of a fun filled trip away from my family in which they will probably survive on........quesadillas and burritos and Walking Omelets made with Mission Tortillas!

Oh, and btw, I have already been informed by the boys that they have a better idea for using these you might see another post coming real soon with a few more ideas!

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