Sunday, September 4, 2011

Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

A friend of mine posted last month about challenging herself to give away 100 things in 100 days! You can click through her blog post to see the original inspiration which is to par down your belongings to 100 things (oh, frightening, isn't it?) Her last update was August 14th and she had gotten rid of 18 things!

I love her version and definitely have more than 100 things that I would never notice gone. So for my own challenge, I am not giving myself a time limit.....but I am also not limiting myself to only 100 things! To date I have happily found new homes for:

Sanrio chopstick, rice bowl, cup set
3 Copic markers
2 sketch books
yards of ribbon
Blackberry cell phone, case, charger

Not bad! I still have several books that need to get to the library and 5+ bags of clothes to head to Goodwill. (Per Arlyn's directive, they don't count until they are OUT of the house....and I do not count the trunk! lol!!) I am glad to know that these items will be appreciated and used by their new owners. Sadly, their absence has yet to make a dent in the clutter that is my house. (Wonder where she is at now......oh, Arlyn!!)

The same friend has a GREAT idea about clothing: only buying a new piece when getting rid of an old piece! For me, I think it should be "buy one new to replace two old"......but that is for another challenge!

And as a reminder, you have until September 10th to win some Tillamook Cheese! Yes, I am giving it away, but no, it doesn't count for my challenge since Tillamook gave it to me for the purpose of giving it away......just a nifty little tie in! lol!!

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scrapper al said...

You're doing great! Glad I inspired you. I'm a little behind on getting rid of stuff (and blogging), but here's my update. :)