Sunday, September 18, 2011

Winner Winner Cheesy Dinner!! Tillamook Cheese winners!

A couple weeks ago we had the awesome pleasure of inviting another family over for a wonderful fondue dinner with the cheese supplied by Tillamook. Oh, it was SO darn tasty and we had a blast!! I posted about the evening here and then gave readers a chance to win themselves some free Tillamook Cheese! They could win one of two ways: tell me how they would Share the Loaf with family or friends OR tell me a cheesy joke! (come on know me, you know I couldn't resist!)

So here are our winners and their entries:

Tamaralyn Kieso said...
For my next college friend get-together, I would take my Tillamook cheese blocks and slice them. I would have several varieties. Then, I will blindfold my friends so they can guess what kind each cheese is. Because I'm from the cheese state (Wisconsin) we know a lot about cheese. I will also have my friends guess about how old we think the cheese is and what kind of milk it is made from. What a great way to educate ourselves from this game all while enjoying our favorite cheese 
Nancy Niles said...
What type of cheese isn't your cheese? NACHO CHEESE!
What do you call cheeses made in Israel? Cheeses of Nazareth!
Knock Knock
Whos there?
Gorilla who?
Gorrilla me a cheese sandwich, I'm hungry.

Try&TryAgain said... I would use the cheese when I babysit my friend's two young children. I would get out some fun cookie cutters and let the kids "cut the cheese". I would also make grilled cheese sandwiches that can be cut into shapes. Fun kid friendly activities with the best cheese ever!
MommyRandomness said...
My daughter is 6 and a very tender heart and loves grill cheese and we pass the local Salvation Army and when we go to the bank she sees all the people waiting on the sidewalks for lunch and she always says we should make them grill cheese so they won't be hungry while they wait...I would make grill cheeses with her to give to the people so she feels like she shared her desire to be a chef and love for grilled cheese!!! GO Tillamook!!

Oh!! doesn't that last one just pull at your heart? Thank you Tillamook for giving me the opportunity to share the fun with my friends and hear these great ideas!

And if you need a laugh, there were a few more hysterical cheesy jokes in the original post. Congrats to everyone! I'll be contacting you to get addresses to send out your cheesy rewards.

Oh, and while I know that "real" bloggers never mix topics in the same post, I don't have the patience for that! So, to update my list of giving things away:
got those bags of clothes to Goodwill and have filled up another one
2 sketch books!
I am hoping they will help inspire my friend to scrapbook more......and in turn bug me to do more! And if you are interested in what I am scrapping these days (when I DO scrapbook)......check out my scrap blog: SometimesSusanScraps

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