Wednesday, February 5, 2014

short month update!

last week I told you I was going to spend February reading short stories. I figured I might as well give you some short updates of my progress along with some short reviews!

today is the 4th (or it was last night when I wrote this) and I have read 4 books! pretty good progress considering I spent most of Sunday either running or being Super Bowl involved.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad - dear me! this one almost ended the entire thing. I got so under water with all the alliteration that I am not sure what the story was really about.

The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler - nothing short about this. it was a full length book! the period slang cracked me up. I could see becoming a Phillip Marlowe fan.

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote - very much like the movie. I could hear Audrey Hepburn the whole time I was reading it. (not that that is a bad thing!)

Animal Farm by George Orwell - what is there to say about this book? so on point and so well written!

I believe Passing is next. the edition of The Metamorphosis I requested from the library showed up as a graphic novel. no thank you!

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