Monday, January 27, 2014

short month = short stories

you might have noticed.........February is the shortest month of the year.

you might have noticed..........I like to read books. (does that link work??)

well........I have this friend who likes to send me various lists of books to read. actually, I have several friends who send me lists of books to read. based on these lists, I currently have a list of 79 books to addition to the authors I read already and the books I have somehow managed to find all on my own.

one recent list was Huffington Post: These Amazing Classic Books Are So Short You Have No Excuse Not To Read Them. yes, that is seriously the title! and what a challenge! but to really make it a challenge.......I decided I needed to read them all during.......yep, you guessed it.......the shortest month of the year!!

admittedly there are only 23 books on the list and 28 days in the month so there is a bit of cushion for me. which is good since I currently have 10 full sized books and 2 ebooks checked out to read in addition to those 23 oh-so-short books.

why have I mentioned all this to you? case you wanted to play along of course!!!

if you look at the photo above, I have tracked down all 23 books. (well, at least for those of you who live in Sacramento County and have a library card!) Passing can be requested through an interlibrary request. it is the one physical book I am contemplating purchasing and donating after I read it. the library e-books are available through Overdrive, a service to which most library systems subscribe. the ones that are grayed out I was able to download for free on either my Nook or Kindle app (hint! hint!). I have read both The Great Gatsby and A Christmas Carol before......and I will be skipping those. but I believe I was able to find both of them for free as well. and, thanks to a randomly odd education, we are in possession of Frankenstein and The Stranger. that means I only need to worry about getting half of the books I need from the library.

my plan of attack is to request the books I don't own first (and before this blog post goes live). that way I can read ones I own while the others are on their way. worst case, I will buy whatever I can't get in time.

do you think I can do it?  200 pages per day shouldn't be too difficult.....except on Super Bowl Sunday, the day of the Davis Stampede Half Marathon, the two days I am meeting friends to scrapbook.......oh dear!! maybe it will rain and I can get some serious training done......on a treadmill......while I read?

on your mark.........

get set..........


let me know if you are going to get some short reading done in February. I'd love to chat books with you!

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