Monday, January 21, 2013

Soup - my new addiction #DineDowntown

I have never really been a soup fan. sure it is nice on a cold winter's night, but I like to CHEW my food! I'll never be successful on a smoothie diet unless I can have a bowl of popcorn or chips with it to snack on..........and I have yet to fool myself into thinking celery makes a nice crisp snack!

between Dine Downtown and my birthday, I have had 3 wonderful bowls of liquid amazingness in the past week!

first was the lovely Curried Cauliflower-Dungeness Crab Bisque from The Firehouse. as you can see from the photo below, they "plate" it at your seat. succulent crab is bathed in a thick cauliflower veloute (a stock and roux based sauce) that is flavored so well you have to work hard to remember you don't like cauliflower!  (did you know you can get a cup of this lovely soup along with half a sandwich at lunch for $10.95? I didn't......but do now! YUM!)

then there was the snuck-in bonus Dine Downtown dinner at Thir13en. seriously hadn't planned on going but was cruising menus and saw they were offering scallops! not sure why.....but I have been craving scallops for the past week. it seemed kismet and I squeeked in reservations. the scallops were amazing and totally over-satisfied my craving........but again, the soup stole the show! red curry and butternut squash from Feeding Crane Farms with some sage and cumin. so warm and rich! I joked that I was resisting licking the plate. I am not joking that I think I might start bringing a mini spatula with me to make sure I get every drop!

and finally.........The Kitchen! buttered Main lobster with puff pastry, tarragon, celery heart and mascarpone. Randall Selland explained that how they made the soup and how it came out so rich even though they didn't put any cream in it. I'd love to tell you.........but I was in a euphoric state from the flavorfulness of the dish. one of the great things about an evening at The Kitchen is that you can get seconds (or thirds.....etc) of any dish you like! seriously......this is the world's most tasty all you can eat place! with seven "acts" and a sushi intermission, I had been reluctant to even consider asking for seconds of anything.......but both myself and the other lovely birthday lady in my group had requested another bowl before we had even finished the first one! (it was served after the next course.....a nice break so you could enjoy it new all over again!)

maybe it is because this winter has seemed so cold? maybe it is because I have had the opportunity to have soups prepared and some pretty amazing places? whatever it is......I am a soup convert! I might even start making some at home!

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