Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OWN's You Glow Girl House Party

last Saturday night a fun group of girls got together for our irregular Girl's Night. this one was kinda special thanks to OWN and their skin care products.  the wonderful people at House Party set us up with a bunch of goodie bags.

we received:
OWN Dual Protecting Day Lotion (SPF 30......thankyouverymuch!)
OWN Refining Moisture Night Cream
OWN Day Lip Treatment (SPF 10)
OWN Nighttime Lip Therapy
and coupons for future purchases

the lip therapy products came in ice cream cone looking containers that we all thought were totally cute........and great feeling!

as part of the party, OWN gave me recipes for a "facial bar". I'm not sure if I was supposed to make them ahead of time or just have the ingredients......but I made them before hand so we could spend the evening drinking wine, chatting, and rubbing yummy smelling goo on our faces instead of chopping, blending, and cleaning. after making them, my kitchen smelled SOOO good!!

the other fun activity we had was downloading the My OWN App (in the iPhone app store) to get personalized recommendations. I had tried to practice before the party and the app seemed glitchy. every time I tried to go through the instructions the program would crash. then after taking a photo, the app kept saying it was processing and in the meantime I got an email with my results.....while the program still processed my photo. when I checked in to the app later at the party, it had done an analysis and had suggestions. it worked better for my friend Amy.

so after playing with the app and drinking a glass (or two) of wine, we started checking out the facials. I decided to do a half and half: banana honey on one side and blueberry oatmeal on the other. the two I didn't use were the cucumber and the green tea. no one used the green tea as the recipe didn't work. otherwise, we loved them all as you can tell in this less than stellar photo.

overall we had a great time! Jen and I have full sizes of some of the OWN products so I'll give you an update after I've used them for awhile. btw, you can find your own OWN items locally at Whole Foods.

Disclosure: If you hadn't figured it out from the preceding blog post, OWN gave me the products I passed out at the party and full size ones for my own use.

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