Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - the Year of 24!

I know........it makes no sense.....but really, coming from me does that surprise you? and I wish I could have somehow made it 42........since that is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. but alas..........I'm stuck with 24!

no resolutions this year but a few goals.......or perhaps focusing points.

24 - the number of scrapbook layouts I would like to complete in 2013. that is 2 per month. I should be able to do that in a day, right?
  • I don't know how to quantify it........but I would like to buy fewer scrapbook supplies than I use. like on a 2:4 ratio?!?!? that fits with the whole "24" theme, right?!?!? I can keep track of that on my scrapbook blog. I have done something similar to that in the past and it is SUCH a wake up call to realize how much more I was buying than using!
  • I will qualify this in that adhesive and albums do not count..............I need albums and the world revolves around adhesive. I would include cardstock in this list of exceptions, but seriously.......have you seen how much cardstock I have?!?!
  • additionally.........as part of the "fewer scrapbook supplies" I will not be including items that are given to me. I can't help it if Arlyn finds an awesome stash of "vintage" Scenic Route and graciously bestows it upon me. who am I to decline such a glorious present?!?!? likewise, I will not count as "used" anything I find a loving home for.
24 - the number of cards I would like to make for Operation Write Home........following the guidelines. I have a few cards they aren't getting because they were the wrong size! I totally remembered the "no glitter" but failed on the size thing...... the theory (or previous plan) was that when I completed a layout I would use the scraps to create a card. doing it right then and there! that is still the idea! 
  • perhaps as a subset of this, I would also like to make Truth Cards for the Brave Girl Truth Card Exchange. no number assigned as I don't know how often they will put out calls for cards. I just think this would be an awesomely positive thing to do with my time, energy, and pathetically overly large amount of supplies.
24 - the number of pounds I want to lose in 2013. honestly, as of this morning the number is 26. I'm going to blame it on that "feed a cold" I had for a week where I felt like I was starving the entire time and assume (ha!) that I can drop those 2 fairly quickly............ and this goal is a bit vague in my own mind as I will be fine if I don't lose the 24 pounds if I *look* the way I think I will look at that weight..........you know, the whole "muscle weighs more than fat" thing. I lost 1 1/2 pants sizes last year and want to do the same thing this year........THAT is the goal and I think it is about 24 pounds worth. got it?!?!?

24 - the number of walks I want to take Dolly on every month. (see how I changed from year to month there?!?!??) really the number should be how many days there are in any given month........but gotta give myself a couple days that it just doesn't happen! 

one more...........

24 - the number of BLOG POSTS I want to write in 2013!!! hey! what a concept! have a blog - POST ON IT!!!! alright.......I know, I know. but really now.....I did 32 in 2012. so I can do 24, right?

then the question of whether to add a reading point here. it would be easy to say "24 - the number of books I want to read in 2013." but seriously........I read more than 50 books at over 16,000 pages in 2012. that isn't really stretching myself now is it?!?! but perhaps it is (please excuse me while I ramble)........the time to scrapbook, card make, exercise, etc has to come from somewhere, right?!?!? perhaps it needs to come from reading? (aaack! gag! gasp! blech!) this is something to think about.......not commit to.......when I am done hyperventilating........and reading the 5 library books I currently have that are due back at various times between now and the 21st of January.

do you have any "goals", "focus points", or........."resolutions" for 2013? no matter......I wish you a happy and healthy 2013.

btw, if you want a quick way to check up on my progress, I plan to use the label "my 24" for any posts related to these goals. 


Jackie said...

Great goals Susan!! I know you can do all of those! :)

dolphyngyrl said...

I love your goals! You know... A half marathon would help with the 24 pounds one! Just saying... Ha ha!