Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life

this is an easy one! I really shouldn't be freaked out trying to answer it or have procrastinated so long. but, hey, this is ME we are talking about, right?? yeah well....

somehow along the way, I got it into my mind that this was some deep question about what I wanted to do WITH my life! MUCH harder question to deal with..... the way it was originally written, not so much!

with long awaited answer! lol!!

it really is no secret that I would really love to own/rent/borrow/steal an RV and spend a summer driving around the United States with all my boys! I would love to take them back east to see all the historical buildings, etc, and really understand US history in person instead of from a school book. I would love to stop by and see/meet many of the friends I have made from scrapbooking and/or the internet. I want to take them to the world's largest ball of twine (apparently being disputed between Cawker City Kansas and Darwin Minnesota), etc. we would attempt to see a baseball game in every major league park (and several minor league parks). I wouldn't even mind doing some Boy Scout historical walks! we would have a blast!!

J would end up doing most of the driving (he always does) but if we don't win the lottery soon, R will be old enough to help him. as for me? well, we have already talked about creating a magnetic table top so that I can scrapbook our trip album while we are on our trip! just bring along our Espon PictureMate and/or PhotoPrinter to print the previous days' pictures and away I go!

so this isn't some crazy dream without thought. just things have gotten in the way (so far). bummer!


Nancy said...

Any historical trip just HAS to include a trip to St. Augustine, Florida. First off all, it is the oldest city in the United States. Secondly (and most importantly, IMO) I live there!! Everyone always wants to do D.C. and Boston because t...hey think American History starts with the Revolution, but in truth it starts with the Spanish in the south. I also just happen to be a lifetime season ticket holder for the minor league affiliate of the Chicago Cubs and if you played your cards right, you could get a free game outta me at Historic Jackie Robinson Ballpark where the legendary Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier on March 17, 1946, in an exhibition against the Dodgers, which (at the time) used this ballpark for Spring Training. Is that enough incentive to get you here??? ;)

Susan said...

SEE!!! This is what I mean! And I kinda figured we knew enough people that wemight have a place to park the RV every night. (Hope the Dodgers lost!)

dolphyngyrl said...

I totally agree... I'd love a cross country driving trip! Although I think I'd rather drive our van & stay in hotels... BUT I'm kind of Like That. :)