Saturday, November 13, 2010


I lost a lot when LM closed it's virtual doors and message board! one of the biggest losses was regular daily ongoing contact with people such as Cecilie. she lived in Denmark at the time and we had actually gotten to meet IRL twice when she came to the States.

I follow her blog. as it is mostly in Danish (and I have yet to totally master the language) I have done a crummy job of keeping in contact. In fact, I was thinking just that last night. I miss chatting with her. she has such a grounded view of life.

what a coincidence that I should wake up to find a post on my Google Reader (which I don't think is very conducive to POSTING on people's blogs, but does make it a lot easier to READ them) a new post from Cecilie! this one is written in Danish and then English!! (cuz she really does care about us!) oh, and it is a contest for participation......

so I would recommend taking a moment to head over to visit Cecilie's Blog and check out her contest, especially if you are a scrapbooker. even if you are not, she offers a great peek into the wonderful world outside of the United States and is a FANTASTIC photographer! her nature shots are amazing!


Nancy Thomas said...

Thanks for the link to C's blog. I had the old one in my google reader. It's fixed now so I can get updates. Unfortunately I think a lot of us are not communicating much these days.

Cecilie said...

Susan, this post had me in tears. I miss you too and the loss of LM and the closeness between us (and the rest of the team) is something I miss every single day. I don't even think I have your email address on my new laptop :o( Will you send it to me at