Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Truth Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

in case you joined us late (ha!)......I am trying out 30 Posts of Truth! and NO, I will not place bets on how long I follow through! thanks for even THINKING that!

Something you hate about yourself
I would love to say how much I hate my thin hair or my total QE1 hairline, but that would be rather superficial. (I still do hate them.) what I really hate is my lack of style. I have NO fashion sense! whether it is due to my lack of heighth or my overly curvy figure (ha!) or whatever, I can not seem to find clothing that is "me." the classic tailored look makes me look like a dumpy old lady. boho makes me look like a homeless person who scored a shower. etc....you get the point. the closest I can come to feeling like "me" is shorts, Keds, and a sweatshirt. somehow that doesn't work for an office environment and really isn't the most attractive look for me in any environment. when it comes down to it, I blame my shortness. I think I could pull off clothes a lot easier with a couple extra inches on me. even when I have lost weight I have still suffered from fashion stupidity. I don't want to be some perfect model. I just want to look like I knew what I was doing that morning! (and, for the record....yes I realize worrying about my lacking fashionista skills is superficial too.....)


dolphyngyrl said...

Oh, I totally feel your pain! I am such a fashion misfit, I don't even try, anymore. As long as I look decent for work, that's close enough. Of course, looking decent for work often means pants so long I still walk on hems when I'm wearing heels! SO suave hitching up your britches while walking down long halls!

Mama C said...

When I was younger, I was very fashionable. Especially when I was working full time, but now I pretty much always wear t-shirts and jeans, almost never any make-up and maybe a necklace.
I am 5'9 but curvy (that is a polite way of saying you are not exactly your ideal weight, haha).

So glad you're doing this!
I stopped tweeting because one of my son's teachers googled me and read my tweets. I really don't post anything inappropriate but that was just too close for comfort!
I'm still blogging and I am going to try to resume tweeting under a different name soon as soon as I think of one, haha

Nancy Thomas said...

I could see you in Ann Taylor Loft!