Tuesday, July 15, 2008

doing my civic duty today......

I have/had jury duty this week. my county has a 1 day or 1 trial service so most people end up being there a day. today was mine. I was called for the 3rd jury group and was then drawn for the first group of those interviewed for actual service. I ended up at one point being "juror #4." I truly thought I was finally going to get the experience of serving on a jury. I even started to get a tad anxious realizing that I would ultimately have to help decide someone's guilt or innocence. THEN they called up another set of potential jurors and I was excused by the defense. still not sure why but I somehow think it was because I was female. J said it was because I was obviously too smart and no defense wants a smart female. not quite sure but I think that was a compliment! lol! needless to say, I got a long long lunch and hen spent a couple hours back in the jury pool not getting called before I was sent home.......done with service for atleast the next year. (though prior to today I thought it was once every 2 years)

the cool thing was that since I took public transportation, they gave me a replacement pass for the one I used in the morning and one to use to come home. and I ended up catching my regular train home!


Hatter J said...

"No defense wants a smart female"--hmmm not sure how I would feel about that either. They changed the jury duty laws here-it used to be that when you registered to vote you were entered into the pool. People got smart (or stupid IMHO) and quit registering. Then the state decided that when you get driver's license(or state issued ID) you were entered into the potential jurors pool. No escaping it now.

I think that jury duty might be fun, but I'm warped. The only times that I've ever been picked have been when I was in school and couldn't go.
Cool that they coughed up a replacement pass. How fares the public transportation? I've been considering giving ours a try, but here in the sticks it still doesn't operate where I need it to or when...sigh.

Moriah Bettencourt said...

True story: once my husband was being questioned to be on the jury panel for a drunk driving trial. He did not want to be on a jury so he told them that he didn't feel like he could be objective since his wife was an alcoholic. Ummmmmmmm I am NOT an alcoholic. Nice husband, shirking his civic duties & telling lies about his wife! LOL